Our People

Doug Murgovski – Managing Director & Licensed Builder

A 20 year veteran of the building industry, Doug has a rich and varied experience in the building trade.
The bulk of this time has been with larger building companies where he was exposed to all aspects of residential construction.

From single dwellings through to medium density townhouse/unit developments Doug is fully versed in the practicalities of the task.

Beyond his capabilities as a tradesman, Doug is committed to exceeding customer expectation.

As the company logo states, “we listen, we care, we deliver”. This is Doug’s mantra and his direction for everyone within the

Doug leads a team of professionals in site supervision, drafting, administration and project management who share an enthusiasm for clear client communication.

The result – a quality outcome as per the building contract, a collaborative client partnership, and with no unwelcome surprises!


Olga Murgovski – Office Administrator
Olga is the friendly face that greets visitors coming through the office door.She is responsible for the smooth running of the office, deals with accounts and ensuring that any enquiry is dealt with promptly by directing it to the right person.

Valissa Steward – Client Service Manager
With 9 years experience in various building companies, Valissa knows exactly how the business operates and how customers expect it to operate.She is the one who understand where every job is at and what is required to take it to the next stage.She is the liaison between the company and its clients providing information and acting as the point of contact for general queries.

Nick Dimovski – Site supervisor
Again, a veteran of many building companies Nick has seen both good and bad ways to conduct a build. He is a registered builder in his own right and is the primary on-site contact for our clients.Away from work he is the blueprint of rugged bushman with interest in fishing, camping and 4WDing.

Leah Pepe
Our resident colour consultant, Leah has been involved in real estate for over a decade selling land for developers and subsequently selling homes.Leah brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the role to ensure clients have a helpful expert to fall back on if there is any doubt regarding colour choices.